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Hello everyone,

I thought I would give everyone a heads up at our beloved graphics team that we have limited the overall size of signatures. This is being done to make pages more easily viewed for our audience. You may still post a great looking signature, but we are now using the International standard of 728x90 for graphics signatures.

I would like to express my thanks to the graphics team for their incredible work in this area. Unfortunately, site accessibility and usability is something that we are focused heavily on. It is important that we are able to provide a fun and useful experience for all our members. I know that many of you on the GFX Team may feel that this change could have or was targeted at you, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If people are finding the site to be slow and difficult to read, it is my duty to make sure that is not the case. I know that you will find ways to create creative signatures under these new guidelines. I know I speak for the rest of our team when I state that we are all encouraged, amazed, and thankful for the contributions that you have made thus far.

Running a forum that is viewed millions of times a month is no easy process, and if limiting the overall size of sigs will somehow help members feel a bit better about their experience, I am inclined to go down this road. I hope that you understand.

With sincere thanks,