Windows 7 Going Deeper with Project Roslyn: Exposing the C# and VB compiler’s code analysis

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    Until now, the VB and C# compilers have been used as black boxes. You put text in, and you get out a binary file. In our long-lead project, codename "Roslyn," we are changing that dynamic by building an API that exposes our compilers' analysis engines. In this session, we'll go in-depth in exploring the Roslyn project and the powerful set of APIs for building "code aware" tools and extensions. In this information-packed session, we'll explore six major Roslyn APIs in depth, covering parsing, retrieving semantic information, analyzing data and control flow, and scripting. Armed with this knowledge, we'll see how easy it is to leverage the APIs to analyze and generate C# and VB source code, add C# scripting support to an application, or even extend the existing C# and VB language service features in Visual Studio.


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