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Who here uses Google contacts? Can someone tell me what do the color coded circles mean for each letter sections?


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Hi Bass,
I think my Android phone (LG-G5) uses Google contacts, since it's tied in with my Google Calendar to sync with my phone wherever I go. In that regard, take a look at this post which might help you decode the color circles: Yellow, Green, Red icons with contacts and with sms messages


Axel PC

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Hm, I just thought it was just for the sake of color, nothing "coded" about it.


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I'm not aware of any color coding associated with Google Contacts. I thought that they might indicate a difference between the classification of the person as a business, a friend, a coworker, family etc. but I changed some classifications on some folks from co-workers to friends but that action did not change the color of the circle. Also, if you log in to contacts and associate a photo of the person with the contact then that photo will show up in your contacts list in placed of a colored circle. My conclusion is that the coloring is simply a random association so not everyone has the same color for their icon.

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