Got new pc on win8 oem. But haforhave key win ultimate pro

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation' started by Rugbymad, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Hi guys,
    I've got a new PC from Santa with win 8 installed Oem. My question is I have a genuine copy of win7ultimate pro key. Which I have used on my old PC now I want to make my new PC win pro ultimate also before I upgrade to win 10. Can it be done? Do I just insert the ultimate key??

    Thanks in advance
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    If it's a genuine key then you can but the new laptop/ system will not work well in w7U because that system is too old so only have it on until the upgrade.

    Also be aware that some cheap machines are not going to work with WXPro reguardless of what key you have.

    If this other machine is still in effect or was ever upgraded to WX then the key will be locked to that other motherboard by Microsoft and thats a problem we can't solve for you... i.e, need to ring Microsoft help and ask them to please sort it at their end first.

    I recommend;
    • Remove the current hdd and replace it with a new blank one.
    Window 7 will not install over W8 because Windows always assumes the newer system is default... this way you will always have the option to put the old hdd back in and boot to w8 if the shit hits.
    • The last step of this install will look for your key against the Microsoft server and activate your copy from the desktop screen after you have fully booted into your Microsoft id for the first time i.e, skip the first activate screen during the install process.
    • Once activated you can and imo should format the system then install both WX pro as a stand alone (+ perhaps your W8 as a dul boot if you want it) then enjoy the rest of you day.

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