GPO and WIN7

I have a standard GP called "standard user" one of the settings is to only shoe 2 control panel applets (using XP lingo) so xp workstations would only show "time date" and "desktop" so the users could adjustthe clock and also changetheirwallpaper and screen saver and such

We now have WIN7 units in place and I see thier control panels are essentially empty.....
so they cannot make adjustments to clack and desktop stuff..

whats up...different applet names in win7 ? let me know


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Right click on the desktop and select "Personalize".
This will take you to a screen where you can change most Windows options including sound, desktop theme etc.

As for changing the clock, just click on the clock icon on the task bar.


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Mkie ,
You must know, your reply does not in any manner address my question.

I am not sure how the question submitted could be interpeted as "how do I personalize my desktop and change the clock?" possibly you were answering another submitted question?

I hope I have communicated the real issue in a valid manner maybe others can confirm the question is not confusing or conveluted? if so I can reconstruct it

I will keep monitoring the issue

Thank You


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Sorry I just assumed that "Clack and Desktop Stuff" meant you were trying to set up you Clock and Desktop Preferences.

I'll admit after looking at your question again I don't have a clue what you are asking!

And I have no idea where the "Shoe 2 control panel" is.

But if anyone want's to "adjustthe clock and also changetheirwallpaper and screen saver and such" then they can do it by right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Personalize".

If you are having problems understanding the Control Panel, try going to View by in the upper right corner of the Control Panel and select Large Icons.

It will display more like the one in XP.


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my typo..should have said "only shows 2 applets"

I cant type........ never could and dont seem to get much better at it

thanks Mike

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