GTA Vice City:Mouse Not Working Only Keyboard

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphics and Gaming' started by Jokubas Matonis, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Jul 28, 2015
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    I Had Disc With Modded GTA Vice City And I Got Mods From Web Then Installed On Windows 10 And Runned My Mouse Moves At Menu Screen But Not Clicking So I Used Keyboard To Select Things And Im In Game But I Can't Move My Face!! its modded Version Of GTA!!! It Has A Bridge Bug That was okay but it runs smootly but thing is the enimation when you select a menu now just like a tick!!! that never happens on my 2 pcs that i had they let gta mouse work fine!!!! i googled for it but i dont have disable visual themes option but how its fixable?
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    I should imagine these mods were created to run in a different os and Windows 10 may not be compatible. If I was you I'd try the games forum if it has one and see if anyone else has got these mods to run with win 10.

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