Guitar Hero III not working in Windows 7 Gamers Edition x64!


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It just won't do anything except get stuck. I have the actual disk and i have used this on a 64 bit system before, so what's different now?

Also, my Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver isn't working on here. So far i HATE 64 bit to the MAX!


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Sorry, Bump.


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Yet Again, an annoyed bump.


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What do you mean gets stuck, does it just freeze the computer.

Have you installed the latest video drivers for you video card?


Run CCleaner?

Run Malwarebytes?

If not I'd start there.

If that doesn't work try running sfc /scannow from the prompt as administrator.

Try reinstalling the game in a different directory.

What are your computer specs?



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My computer specs are now Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (gave up on gamers edition) And all it does is freeze the installer, i think it's from the 64 bit, do you know any ways i could convert a .msi 32 bit to .msi 64 bit. this is annoying me because its one of the main reasons i even got a computer.

AMD Athlon 630 x4 64 bit
NVIDIA GeForce 550 Ti 1 GB
465 GB hard drive
4 GB ram

*I tried installing Windows XP on a VirtualBox but the XP VB installation kept blue screening with a code of 0x7b.


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Problem Fixed. Got it working, my game disk had some problems.

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