Having a offline Computer hooked up to a online network

Hey guys,

I have a small network, running 5 computers. One of these computers needs to stay offline, but is needing to connect to the network to backup on the backup drive.

Is there a way I can use windows firewall to block all internet access to this computer?



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In theory, that's what the firewall is already doing :)

I suspect that what you mean is that you want to prevent that computer accessing the internet?
If so, then that's a whole different ballgame.
The best solution is to prevent ALL access to that computer except for authorised personnel - who may need internet access for updates etc. - and limit them to user accounts rather than admin accounts (except for the real admin) - you can then lock down User account access using GPO if you have Pro or Ultimate (but I have to admit that I don't know the specifics)

The computer is a offline accounts machine, they want no users having internet access, here my problem.


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What's the OS?
Home Premium, Pro or what?
You may also be able to block HTTP egress at the router for that machine - check the router manual.

Win 7 ultimate. Its also on a network designed by a jackass, 5 routers all different brands jumbled together. Finding the right cable and router would be like trying to find a needle in a needle stack.

I guess I just like difficult


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A router for each PC?? WTH did the guy think he was doing?

At this point all bets are off - you'd be better to start from scratch! (At least that way you have a chance of understanding the network)
I'd love to se a network diagram of that - NOT! (except for giggles)

You could cut that down to two, easily (assuming at least one is an 8-port router) - and have the accounts machine on an isolated network with port 80 closed off.

Is there a Server in the mix, or is it a peer network?

Finding out which router connects to the affected PC is simple, if they're wired - check the lights on the router, then unplug the problem PC and see which light goes out :)

I think its going to come to that, absolute pain because they keep on changing what they want done, and I was out of my depth to begin with. No server, just the machines and a DNS device they are backing up to.

Joe S

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If any of the machines that are backing up get infected then they can pass it to the backup unit.

I realise that. Originally the solution in place was that the offline machine backed up on to an external hard drive, but they want it backing up onto the DNS device.

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