Hello, I am the new guy and I need help


I am the new guy, my name is mister enigma, nice to meet you all.

I need a windows 8 tablet pc for university, but i want a tablet that runs stock windows 8, pure windows 8.

Like how the nexus 7 runs stock android.

for example, the samsung galaxy s4 has android with its own ui or interface on top of it, which is called touch wiz

But the nexus 4 runs stock android, no ui or interface is on top of it.

i dont care about hardware, i only care about software.

i want a tablet that runs stock, pyre windows 8 for a software.

thanks for your help in advance.


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Google (Android developer) has the Nexus 7 and Microsoft (Windows 8 developer) has the Surface Pro.


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The Surface Pro2 Tablet directly from MS will run Win 8 Pro without any manufacturer junkware installed.

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