Help diagnosing problem (Hardware, Win7 RC x86)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by ericn32, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    My computer has been hanging up a lot on me recently, and I am trying to figure out wha the hell is wrong with it. A couple of days ago, Windows seems to have answered my prayers and returned one of its "solutions." It pretty much told me that something in my PC has gone south- and tells me to check these components:
    • RAM
    • Motherboard
    • CPU
    • PSU

    You'll need to know this about my PC- my PSU cracked and sparked like the Fourth of July when I tried to turn on my PC. I tried to turn it on a couple more times, only to get more sparks and singed silicon. So I sent it through the RMA process (along with my graphics card, whose fan was making a lot of noise.) Anyways, when I get my new stuff, Windows doesn't work. Long story short, after several NTFS reformats and Windows 7 reinstalls I still have the weirdest problems (winlogon not working, GPU driver not loading, Aero not loading, shortcut icons gone, f*ed up registry, etc.), and of course the freezes and BSODs.
    My question is this: how can I test what's going wrong? I am using a brand new Antec PSU, ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, Memtest86+ with perfect scores, and I just reflashed my BIOS. How can I test my MB and CPU separately without going online and buying the cheapest thing to pop into an LGA775 socket? I would love it if someone could find a diagnostic tool of some sort.
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    Thats a fairly dangerous game of cat n mouse to try without the correct equipment...for something involving PSU sparks i'd rather trust a dedicated repair shop to diagnose it rather than rely on software checking....after all even if you swapped out parts thre no guarentee that the swapped part wont be effected by any damage to voltage regulation etc if the mobo has gone fubar.

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