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Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this, I hope I can get some help I have HP Windows 7, Last summer right before Windows 10 came out I reserved a copy i downloaded it but didn't install it right away It's been sitting in my downloads since i got the copy I've been trying to get it installed, I only have a week left to get it installed while I can still get it for free But after reviewing my windows update history it has tried to install 47 times it failed each and every time, yesterday I have tried to get it installed 5 times all is does is restarts my computer It says it's ready to be installed Does anyone know why it won't install? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Try downloading a copy of W10 with the Media Creation Tool of Microsoft (see under tab Resources of this forum) and use that to install W10. Your chances of getting W10 installed by using the just created USB or DVD are far better!

You may want to start a new and clean install without saving any of your W7 apps and files. But before doing that, make sure you have an image backup of your system!!!

Did you see any error message in those previous installs or was it just a frustrating "restart and back"?

Before I forget, you may have added extra disks, if so remove them. Make your system as clean as possible.

And what system is it, manufacturer, type and so on..


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Would need to see your Windows Update Log to troubleshoot why it won't install. The log is located at C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log I personally prefer just backing up my data and doing a clean install.


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Please go to and download the free SPECCY hardware diagnostic, and post back the resulting text file back here to this thread.

Can you please tell us what kind of computer you have? Make/Model? Is it a desktop PC or a laptop? Is it a self-built PC or a custom-built PC?

This information along with neemo's request for your update log will have us to better advise you.

Also, prior to attempting your W10 upgrade, did you remember to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST? If not, you will want to backup your computer to external media as suggested above, and either do a Clean Install on W10 or restore your computer to it's original windows version, either Windows7 or Windows8/8.1/8.1.1 and repeat the W10 download/upgrade process to completion making certain that you address any suggestions you get from the COMPATIBILITY REPORT such as removing incompatible apps (programs), drivers, or hardware. Here's a link to step-by-step instructions on how to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST: Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

When you run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST, make certain has Henk mentioned that you remove any and all internal storage drives as well as usb external storage drives, printers, webcams, etc. and ONLY run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST on JUST THE C: BOOTDRIVE!! This is vital, as often upgraders have a whole bunch of older devices and drives plugged into their computer when they perform the upgrade. They have no idea that this is a major "NO-NO" and that professional computer technicians unplug all your old junk peripherals prior to attempting the windows10 upgrade. Failing to do that results in the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST failing, hanging, or freezing since it can't use devices that are 10 years old that no longer work or are no longer compatible with modern versions of windows (>2009). :waah:

Best of luck,:encouragement:

thanks i need this document :)


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your welcome! :)


Thank you all for the help, I was finally able to get it installed last night, Everything seems to be running a lot faster now.

Many thanks,


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Glad you got it fixed!:up: and you're most welcome!

Have a Great weekend!:encouragement::)

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