help me with the front audio panel

hey guys! i'm new here, i just installed windows 7 yesterday, and i having a problem with my front audio pane both headphone and mic are not responding when i plug it in .i had Xp before, and the front panel worked without any problems, but now i can't get it working... tried the , newest driver, tried from bios (onboard audio ---enabled) and i cannot get it to work... there is one more thing when a put headphone jack in front panel it did no detect it but when i pluged mic into front panel just for a second i heard song for the headphone(which was i am playing that time),all is it just detect my headphone for a second that means it is working , plz guys help me out ..nd plz dont tell me to "disable front audio detection" from realtk because all i get in my realtek manger is "enable jack detection when pluged-in" .i am not a computer genius so plz.....
and yes,this is my pc configuration:

right now i am using realtek Vista_Win7_R255 driver which is most updated
Hardware Base processor PentiumD 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz

  • 800 MHz front side bus
  • Socket 775

Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Processors

  • Manufacturer: ECS
  • Motherboard Name: RC410-M
  • HP/Compaq motherboard name: Asterope-GL8E

  • Sound/AudioIntegrated High Definition audio
    • Realtek ALC 883 chipset
    • Supports up to 8 audio channels
    • Dolby Pro Logic II compatible

    Dolby 5.1
  • External I/O ports I/O ports on the front panel

    Port typeQuantity9-in-1 (4 slot) + 1 USBOne1394OneUSBTwoHeadphoneOneLine-inOneMicrophoneOne


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Welcome to the forums. :)

Run this installer once, reboot and then run it again:


"Vista, Windows7 Driver (32/64bits) Driver only (Executable file)"

thanks Torrentg but i already tried it but nothing seems to help

Right click the speaker in the system notification area, near the clock. Choose playback devices. Right click anywhere at all in the middle of the opened screen. Check the lines for "show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices". The try some settings there and see if anything helps. Also have a look at settings in the Realtek control panel app.

If nothing seems to help, this driver from your motherboard site might help instead. I almost never recommend old drivers and this is one of them....but can't hurt to try if needed. If even this doesn't help, then I would re-install the driver from Realtek's site:

I would also update the motherboard bios to newest.

torrentg you are gr8 man now my front panel is working with your mention driver thanks a lot man really...
although the realtek audio manger still not detecting headphone and playback device menu also is not showing the headphone but who cares as long as i am hearing sound form the front panel...
again man thanks

You're welcome. Glad to hear that there is now functionality. If you get real curious, you can search Elitegroup's site for any other motherboards with the same or similar 880/3 Realtek. If you find a newer driver, install it. Vista driver would be good if that's all there is, because that's what you're running now.

If worse comes to worse, you could always just re-install the driver I posted.

Good luck and enjoy.

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