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New Member
May 21, 2013
well here it is i recently got a few viruses on my windos 7 and well my anti virus wouldnt get rid of them 9 to be exact so i figured i would formate my windows compleately with the disk i have for instaling it well heres what happond so i put the disk in and loaded it up then promply clicked download and i got a blue screen after my download was complete telling me to restart my computer and if this scfreen comes up again to reset it and start it in safe mode and so i did but my computer seems to shut me out ill get into the first load screen saying start windows 7 or setup and iv tryed it all and no such luck it keeps shutting me out and i have to manualy power down then power up again every time because it seems to lock up and the reset button do not work when she do so please help me fix this computer i have my files backed up just need to format it and reinstal windows but i CANT!!! please if you know how to fix can you pm me or post on foroms ASAP!!! thanks
Hi Mike,

don't worry we'll get you back up and running. :)

It sounds like you need to boot from the installation disk. To do this you'll need to enter your system Bios and change the boot order so that CD/DVD is first. Your pc will then boot directly off the Windows disk. This basic video I found via google will show you how to do this:

Remember to change back once the install is completed. Another good idea is to get your drivers ready. Don't rely on windows update as it doesn't always find the most current or best version for your system. If you post the make and model of your machine I'd be happy to find them for you.
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ok thanks im going to try this now to see if it will work but if it dont ill get back to you with my make and modle to see if you can help.. i know a bit about computers and iv formated them befor but this is a first for me.
Ok Mike. Good luck! :)
so i tryed it... and thats about it it says something about theres a problome with it so my computer shuts down to prevent furture damage lol i have no idea what to do but my system im running is a personaly built LG, mdg, core intel proseser..running windows 7 should be easy... and for future refrence it still shutting down and locking her self from restart so i have no choice but to force start it please help... nerves are shot :p
by the way ill go a little more into detail for you.. ok i press the on button..mdg pops up..then auto start in 3.2.1... or i press down then i have windows boot manager with 3 options windows setup, windows 7, or tab for windows memory diagnostics... so iv tryed them all starting with setup it takes me straght to the blue screen that says a problome occured and i cant move from there even on safe mode it dos the same thing..ok well i try windows 7 because thats what i want to start it with and it gos straght to this window again not allowing me in and if i let it countdown to auto start it will shutdown and lock me out so i have to force start it to go any furture.... and im done memory diagnostics to run into the same 2 isues please read carefully and let me know if you or someone has exspearenced this isue befor and how to fix need my desktop for work
kemical you still there man .. heres an update... i can get into the instal proses and begin but at the second part of installation it shuts down and still shuts me out from restarting i have no idea what to do so far you have help dramaticly now i just need to know is it the lack of drivers that makes it shut me out or what and if it is is there a way to download my drivers defor i download windows 7 please let me know thanks again
hey kemical thanks man for the help you explaind everything excilently i will most definetly segest this forums for future help and like i said thanks agian man...but the problome i think lies within my video card its a saphire 6770 and it seems to be over heating so i sugest go with a earlier vertion or new vertion of the saphire video cards.. i called the MDG tech sopport and they told me that you knew exacly what to do and theres nothing they can do but i got warrenty so :D :D :D :D ney computer by the looks of thing... but yea do not instal or buy a saphire 6770 video card theres a malfuction there somwhere... thanks man greatly appreaciated
Hey Mike,

sorry I had to go out earlier so missed your questions. Glad to hear you got a recent warranty too. :) If you need any further help please post back and if I don't get back to you straight away be sure that i will soon enough..