Windows Vista Help pinning Internet Links to Taskbar


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Hey Guys/Girls,

I upgraded to the Windows 7 RC about a week ago, and I'm loving it. The one thing I have a problem with, however, is pinning web links to the taskbar. On XP, I could create a desktop shortcut to a web address (Twitter, Facebook, etc), and drag that icon to the taskbar and would open a new tab in Firefox/Chrome when clicked. When I take the same steps, all goes according to plan except when pinning it to the taskbar which forces me to pin the link under Firefox or Chrome. I want the link to stand by itself. I have my own icons for these links, and sometimes would prefer to just hit these icons then to 'right click' chrome and select twitter. i've seen help on adding 'my computer' and 'control panel' to the taskbar, but so far none for pinning internet links. Thanks so much!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with browsing the internet with your W7 computer. I can definately understand how frustrating that can be. For further information, the best site for all the up to date news on the product is found at the Windows 7 support forum, at The site will also give you all sorts of useful information, such as the “what’s new in the RCâ€Â￾ feed….or you can also use as an additional resource
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No offense MSFT_GlenF,

But what do you think this forum is for and why do you only recommend people go to Microsoft Springboard?

We are perfectly capable of providing solution, which you don't even offer.


Are you possibly referring to the Quick Launch bar that was standard in XP.

You can add it back by right-clicking of the taskbar, choose New Tool bar, then navigate to the C:\users\yourusernae\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer and select the Quick launch folder.