Windows 7 Help please


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Guys, I am so fed up with this. I love the OS, don't want to go back to Vista, but this ONE problem is eventually going to make me. Help me fix it please. Websites with Flash video or other flash features, like even Google Maps, during the download of these videos causes my network connection to go "limited connectivity" Simply, connection just drops. Troubleshoot doesn't find any problems, and the only way to fix it is to enable and disable the network adapter only to drop the connection again. The way I can only watch YouTube videos are to pause the video immediately, wait until it buffered the whole thing and then watch it. If it is HQ or HD, forget that too.

Is there anyway to fix this???

If I don't go to flash sites, internet works fine.


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Do you have the latest flash player installed?. It only works with 32-bit, no 64-bit support.

Have you checked for updated drivers for your network card.

Even if you have to stop and let it buffer, there's a small freeware utility called Videocacheview which will play the file in it's entirety even if sound and video drop off.

You can download it here:
VideoCacheView - Play offline/Copy .flv video files from Web browser cache

Just open the program after a video has played and choose copy selected files to your desktop and you can now play them with no loss of sound or video. You'll need to rename them, because they will have names like video(1).flv or video(2).flv. No big deal really.


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Thank you thank you.

Well, I do have the 32 bit Win7 and I downloaded the latest from Adobe, so yes. Finding the latest driver for this Intel(R) PRO/1000 PM Network Connection? Especially for Win7, that I don't know.

Downloading the videos is not a biggie, I used to do that with Flashget. Sometimes I'd like to watch it on the go, but thanks for the offer. :)