Windows 7 Help to connect Seven to a XP Network


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Mar 18, 2009
Hi all,

I've installed W7 on a Virtual Machine (WMWare) and all was OK!
Now I would like to start to connect W7 to a XP network... I can't understand how to make that thing...:(:(
And to connect to the internet?

Could you briefly explain how to make it?

Thank you
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Same issue here, using the 7057 release, as a sole OS, not as a virtual machine.

I CANNOT get this to work, and it is driving me mad.

Please help.

have you guys eliminated the obvious? Like bypassing the router and plugging straight to the modem. Plus, with some ISPs, (this is what I had to do w/Comcast) you have to clone the Mac address of the pc in the router if your using one (a router). And Miranda...your saying you're running 7 straight (not virtual), but can get no connection?

and to need to find out if your NIC was one of the ones with driver or compatibility issues
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It is a known bug in 7057, well commented on in the Technet forums.
As 7057 is a build, and not a public release, nothing much will be done about it by MS, although subsequent builds may well have the item fixed.. It will be ready and able in the RC.
Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

The NIC is a Belkin F5D7000, and I am able to connect to the internet wirelessly.

If I type the network address of the file on one of my XP machines that I wish to access, using explorer to add a network place, I can save a link in computer and access the file.

This is fine, but it seems to be a very clumsy way to create a network.

On the other end, I can't get the XP machines to do anything other than see the Win7 machine.

I've been digging around a little and yes, this does seem to be a 7057 only issue.

Ho hum.

I have to say though, I'm loving Win7 as much as I hated Vista.

On the assumption that all these issues are resolved at launch, I'll be building a new rig and buying a copy to go onto it.

In order to get your XP machines to see the shared folders of a win7 machine you need to add the Guest account to the security tab
1: right click on shared folder/drive
2: select the Security tab
3: click Edit
4: click Add
5: click Advanced
6: click Find Now
7: at the bottom of the open window scroll down till you find GUEST then ok and ok
you should now be back at the Permissions for (shared) now find where it says guest and go to the tick box on the right and select the full controll tick box then just clck apply and ok twice and you should now be able to browse the shared object on your win7 machine via the win xp machine
Thank you for that, Athlonite, I'll try that this evening.

Once again, I have to ask, why does Microsoft make the simplest of tasks so difficult to understand?

I've been using the Win7 machine quite a lot over the last few days, and find myself having to unlearn tricks I have learned over the last 7 years of using xp as my main operating system.

When Vista came along a couple of years ago, I Installed it on one of my machines as a dual boot, alongside the existing xp install.

As time went on, I found that I very rarely booted into the Vista install if I actually wanted to get anything done, xp just being so much faster.

Win7 is much easier to use, more intuitive and is actually enjoyable to work with in a way that Vista just is not.

I'm 33 years old and a regular user of windows for a variety of tasks, I'm not an IT person, but have been using windows regularly since the late '90's.

I've been using xp since its launch and have got very used to doing things in a certain way.

I seriously cannot see why MS hasn't thought to include the homegroup function as a patch for XP and Vista.

The idea is brilliant, but the ease of use would be massively increased if it could be made to be interoperable with machines using older versions of Windows.

Win7 is a good operating system in my opinion, far better than Vista which preceded it, and yet silly things like this take the shine off the experience.

This is going to be an expensive upgrade if I have to put Win7 on all my machines in order to make them talk to one another in a simple and intuitive way.

If I'm thinking this, other people will think so as well.

If MS is not going to face heavy fire over the communication between Win7 and xp machines, then this issue needs to be looked at before the product is launched.

Home group functionality will probably never make it to xp as it is an end of life OS it may indeed make it vista when sp2 finally arives
and welcome to the wonderful world of computers where even the mundane task can become a monumentle job
I know this thread it old, am just wonder, did Miranda ever make it to work?
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