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Hi, I got this assignment and I feel so lost. I don't know why this things doesn't make sense for me. I don't want anyone to do my homework for me, but I really need help. So please help me solve this. If I understand well, I need to come up with some business strategy that I will apply in Powerpoint .
What he wants me to do in step 3? come up with let's say 2 possible businesses, what about step 5? Does it means simply making 3 different slides with different security strategy, then I absolutely have no clue what to do in step 6, how to design the chart . Steps 8,9,10,11 I got it.

Quincy Engineering is a mechanical and industrial design company that specializes in designing and building manufacturing plants throughout the world. As a sales division manager, one of your duties is to evaluate and recommend projects. You just got back from a trip to the Hubei province in the People's Republic of China where Quincy Engineering has just opened a communication channel to explore building a manufacturing plant infrastructure. Use the following information to create a presentation where you make a recommendation to the Board of Directors:

  1. Create a title slide to introduce your presentation.
  2. Vision slide - create a vision statement and insert a piece of clip art.
  3. Objectives slide - develop government relationship; build 2 plants in Chen Lau province by 2011.
  4. Current Status slide - provide current status. Identify situation in China . Use clip art to enhance the slide.
  5. Available Options slide - Identify three strategies that Quincy Engineering could take to secure this multi-million dollar deal. For example, one strategy might be to continue working with the Wuhun government, or align with another company to secure the deal.
  6. Growth Potential slide - Create and format a chart to show growth potential if a contract was secured - it should show 3 columns (sales, expenses and profit). The chart should show projected sales figures, projected expense figures, and projected profit figures for the years 2008-2011. The numbers in the chart should show steady growth in sales and expenses each year. Show a loss the first year and profit gains the other three.
  7. Recommendations slide - Choose one of the three strategies from above and list points that support which one you recommend.
  8. Set slide show transitions and animation effects. Animate chart elements and bullet points in the presentation.
  9. Include your name in the footer text.
  10. Save your presentation as Your Name_QuincyEngineering.
  11. Close the file, and exit PowerPoint.


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#3 - Slide with the 3 objectives listed: Develop government relationship, build Plant 1, build Plant 2

#5 - I read it as a single slide with the 3 strategies shown

#6 - Make up some numbers for projected sales, expenses and profit (Sales-Expenses=Profit) for years 2008-2011. First year is a loss but gains in the subsequent years.

It looks like the assignment is to create a presentation in Powerpoint, not demonstrate business acumen. The objective is to show that you understand how to present information and how to make different types of slides. The example is completely made up. The content of your slides is expected to be made up as well if the specifics are not given.

#3: the slide is already defined for you: the two objectives are listed. That's what goes on the slide. You don't need to actually develop anything.

#5: one slide where you need to just list three strategies. Two are suggested in the description. Invent something for the third one. For example, "bring in a consultant" or "utilize the XYZ strategy" (one of those could be what you put on the slide). You're not being graded on the content but on making the slide.

#6: Make up numbers that follow the described patterns. You can label the chart that the numbers represent some order of magnitude (say millions of dollars). The profit column will always be the difference between the sales and expenses numbers. For the loss year, the expenses number will be bigger than the sales number. For profit gains in the other years, sales will be larger than expenses and the difference will get bigger each year (expenses will go up each year but sales will go up more). The simplest way to lay out the requested information would be a grid--the columns are defined in the question and there would be four rows, one for each year. (You will need to create a 4 column by 5 row grid to include the row and column labels.) You don't necessarily need to show the grid lines but using a grid is an easy way to keep everything aligned.

#7: just be creative. Make up points that support the strategy you pick. Why would you pick one strategy over another for anything? For example: highest potential profit, fastest implementation, lowest risk, other associated benefits...

One other recommendation: You're asked to demonstrate that you know how to do things like transitions and animations. It wouldn't hurt to demonstrate that you understand what is appropriate for the purpose of the presentation. In this case, it is a presentation to the Board of Directors. It wouldn't be appropriate to include a lot of cutesy or distracting stuff. Keep it simple and straightforward. For example, do a "build" slide, where the bullets are added to the slide as they are discussed. If you need to do something fancy, have the bullets enter from one side (only, not each bullet from a different direction). Don't go nuts with wild transitions and animations. If you're encouraged to use templates, pick one of the templates that is simple, clean, easy to read, etc.

thank you so much for clarifying, so to summarize this. First slide I put name of the company with some clip art to enhance it. 2) second slide would be Objectives and bullet 1. develop government relationship, bullet 2. plant 1 and bulet 3. plant 2 ...then let's say SLIDE 3 would be simple description situation in China that I basically have to make up right? then SLIDE 4 I can write Strategies and underneath three bullets that support it...? then SLIDE 5 I have to create chart and SLIDE 6- Recommended strategy with let's say three bullets to explain why
Did I get get it?

Almost got it.
  • 1st slide would introduce the subject of the presentation, like "Plants in China" (hopefully the board of directors already knows the name of the company).
  • 2nd slide: title: Vision; body: something like "50 plants throughout China by 2050" (make up your own vision).
  • 3rd slide: title: Objectives; body: two objectives--develop govt relationship, build two plants; or three objectives--govt relationship, a plant at location 1 and a plant at location 2.
  • 4th slide: title: Status; body: status/situation that you make up.
  • 5th slide: title: Options; body: the three strategies (bullet list).
  • 6th slide: title: Growth Potential; body: chart.
  • 7th slide: title: Recommendation; body: the name of the strategy you recommend and bullet points of why.
The presentation is just an organized way of telling a story. Each slide title orients the audience as to the function of that piece of the story; what element of the story does that piece deal with. The person presenting tells that piece of the story. The slide body reinforces and provides focus by outlining the gist or identifying the key elements of what the presenter is saying, and providing visuals, like pictures, that convey the concept contained in that piece of the story (pictures or clip art are not for decoration, they are how you would tell the story if you couldn't put words in the slide, like primitive man's cave drawings).

When you create a presentation, think of storyboarding a movie. You start with the subject or purpose of what you are trying to communicate, which becomes the title slide. Then you identify the key points you need to get across and what the audience needs to know as background to understand those points. You break it down to simple, stand-alone elements or pieces. Each element becomes a slide. Then you figure out the best order to present them so the audience's understanding builds in a natural sequence, each piece leading to the next, rather than jumping around and trying to pull the pieces together at the end.

Think about the slides in this assignment. If this was a real presentation, there is a better order for the slides. Can you see what that would be? (The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate that you know how to use Powerpoint features. Do the problem as assigned; this question is just for your own edification.)

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