here we go again with File Copying issues

trying to copy a wmv file from a cd rom to my hard drive in windows 7 and seeing that stupid "calculating:mad:" message that goes for 200 years with no actual copying being done.
What is this and how do i fix it? I used to see this crap in vista too.


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Are you sure the Disc is not damaged?
If you want there is a free programme Teracopy . Its faster at copying files than Windows explorer (usually) and it can be set to be the default for transferring or copying files instead of Explorer.

I have not noticed any problems with large file copy in 7.
It is very fast. Optical Drives will differ in this regard as the media itself may be the culprit.

Agreed, the media is most likely the cause.. ;) Windows 7 has drastically improved the file copy system... :) One thing you have to keep in mind is even though it says "calculating", 99% of the time it IS copying the file while saying that.. ;) But in your case, as already said, it definitely sounds like the media is the problem..

Download a DVD ripper. It changes the file extension. I have WinX Free DVD Ripper, it works great!

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