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Windows 7 Hidden Triple-Boot


New Member
Apr 14, 2009
Ok, im not sure if this is in the right forum, it covers topics of 7 and other operating systems so I'm hoping someone can help me. I wont explain why I want to do this, but for the general purpose, its for security reasons.

I have a triple-booted computer. Meaning, I have Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu on a single laptop. I want to be able to hide 7 and Ubuntu. I know how to most of this but I am stuck at one point that I am asking for help on.

I want to hide the windows 7 boot loader, unless I am booting the second partition (the partition reserved for win7). Basicially, unless i boot a specific partition using grub off a CD, I want windows XP to be the only recognised OS. I tried this by removing windows 7 from the bootloader, but it didnt let me boot into windows 7 anymore. Is there another boot way, or how would I make XP the default unless i say otherwise in the boot process?
I have a triple boot setup using 2 hard drives. On the main hard drive I have XP and Mandriva Linux. The Grub bootloader is installed on this drive, allowing me to choose between XP and Mandriva. On the second hard drive I have Windows 7. I installed Windows 7 on that drive while the main hard drive with XP and Mandriva was removed from the ThinkPad. Once Windows 7 was installed, I put the main hard drive back in, and put the Windows 7 drive in the Ultrabay 2nd hard drive adapter. At the IBM splash screen I press F12 to get the BIOS boot menu. From there I can choose which hard drive to boot.

If you have 2 hard drives, you can disable the drive that is not booted in Device Manager or in Disk Management. I disabled the Windows 7 drive in XP's device manager to prevent XP from destroying Windows 7's Restore Points. It was not necessary for me to disable the XP drive in Windows 7, as Windows 7 will not clobber XP's Restore Points.

I also have a 3rd hard drive with Windows Vista Ultimate on it. I swap the Windows 7 and Windows Vista hard drives, but keep the XP drive in virtually all the time.

True, my goals and situation is not the same as yours, but perhaps something of what I posted here will be of some help.