Windows 11 Hijri Shamsi Calendar for Windows 11 exists but where?


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a couple of months ago I installed a no-tpm iso that I didn't know was heavily modded. couldn't last a week I found an original one and used rufus to deal with it.
but it had some very good features too. like the integrated Hijri-shamsi calendar. I honestly thought Microsoft added that themselves. but after installing a clean iso no calendar.
where is this native hijri-shamsi calendar


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It's a great idea if they make a Hijri Shamsi astronomical solar calendar on Windows 11. This is a huge opportunity for people who use electronic calendars.


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I agree with you, but unfortunately, I won't be able to help you because I don't keep an electronic calendar. Since I have young children, my wife and I print out a calendar so each child can see their responsibilities and get used to the schedule. The website 123calendars provides printable calendars for every taste. It's very convenient and, most importantly, educational for the kids because they can fill it out themselves.
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