Hm, just a question.

Before the question, I had a 2,000 dollar PC that was crap, 930~ MHZ of Processor, 128 MB of RAM, (recently upgraded to 512) and was a stupid Compaq. I got a new nicer 2.8 GHz 1 GB Pentium 4 Hyperthreading black Dell tower for 300$, with Windows XP, and my old PC has Windows ME and I don't want to be behind again so I'm gonna get Vista.

The question is, in Windows Vista screenshots I LOVE Windows Aero and the black tool bars, are all the tool bars black? Because like, for Vista Buisiness the cover is a dark blue, Vista Home Basic is a light green, Home Premium is a darker green (I'm getting Home Premium), and Ultimate is black.

So, if I get Home Premium are the bars going to be dark green? Or will they be black/be able to be changed to black? If they are only dark green than thats a bummer >.<


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when aero is on you can go to control panel - personalization - themes and pick whatever color you want. dont get home basic if youre looking for aero.



I'm getting Home Premium. That has Aero right?



yup. home basic is the only one that doesnt have it for budget pcs.

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