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I recently built a new PC and now none of my computers can see each other on the Homegroup. We all have the same Workgroup name and are connected to the same network. The new PC was able to create a Homegroup, but the other ones cannot leave the Homegroup that they were a part of and files still cannot be shared. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Eric,

1. There are two types of homegroup… the dirt basic type allowed in Windows 7 and the more advanced system (all 8, 8.1.1, 10, server 12, server12r2 and hyper-v) use.

You are posting this in the Windows 7 forum but do any of these other computers run the modern systems because that changes what is and is not allowed? For example, 7 allows a single homegroup but 8 can have multiple groups for work, home, kids etc.

2. In Windows 7 you edit the homegroup setting (join/ leave) from the 'Homegroup' tab in your control panel… note that in the case of an existing homegroup controlled from a higher system the other computer{S} must also be on and connected to the network homegroup before you can change many of these settings.


3. In a normal scenario you would connect a 7 machine to the modern system to share basic files but a network drive generally works better if the files are large or don't fit into the basic (music, documents and images) settings allowed by 7… for example my home-7 machine is allowed to see my laptops' photos only but my laptop can access docs, music, videos and images from the 7 machine

Screenshot (157).png

… also see this post for the network work around.

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