homegroup - only get option to create, never to join


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I have the same issue. It has worked in the past with this router. Linksys WRT 310n
I may have a bad config in the router. - I have changed some stuff lately, but taking off security doesn't do it. VPN passthru, ports forwarded, static IPs, MAC filtering to allow wireless MACs.
I may have an issue with my firewall. - I closed firewall - maybe I need to uninstall it - but I see nothing blocked - what am I looking for??
I may have an issue with the W7 install - I recently reinstalled both systems where it was working before.

W7, W7, & XP all talk - same workgroup, permissions OK, firewall on, router configured with WPA2.

Neither W7 see the other's homegroup, though right now the LT doesn't have one.

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