Windows 7 How can a user set Keyboard Preference Flag in Windows 7


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Feb 8, 2016
Windows provides a Keyboard Preference Parameter which indicates that the user relies on the keyboard instead of the mouse, so applications should display keyboard interfaces that would otherwise be hidden. See Keyboard Preference Parameter information page in Windows Developer Center which states: The user controls the setting of the keyboard preference parameter by using the Ease of Access Center in Control Panel, or another application for customizing the environment.

I have not found a way to enable this preference in Windows 7 Ease of Access Center.

Please advise,

Moe Kraft
In registry it's at Hkey_Current_User\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Preference. I'm pretty sure a program has to be written to evaluate that flag to even work with this functionality though.
Thanks. But as far at the end user who requires this support, I don't think they would feel comfortable updating the registry. I think there used to be a setting in the Control Panel but I am failing to find a setting in the Ease of Access Center. - Regards, Moe
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