How can I do a Repair install?

My OS has developed a problem of links internal to email and sometimes other links do not work. IE8 which is part of Win 7 seems to be the problem. I have gone round and round on other forums but noone is able to fix the problem so I am left with re-installing the OS.

Before you suggest I should try Restore point... I have but I get an incomplete Restore and error message so that option is out.

Before you suggest I should have a backup, I do. From 12/29 just before the problem started but it turns out the backup file is corrupt.

What i want to do is repair the OS. My disks from MS are for the "upgrade" so the first thing I am asked to do is format the HD which of course means I loose every program on the 325GB drive.

Is there no way to repair Windows 7 64 bit OS other than formatting the HD and starting over?

I had similar problem in 2009 as I discovered a vulnerability in IE8 which allowed an older Win9x program to corrupt the OS. I ended up having to do a complete reinstall of everything and I don't want to spend 3 or 4 days doing this again.

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Before re-installing Windows 7 I suggest you try the following:

1) Click Start Orb -> type 'Cmd' -> right click Cmd and run as administrator -> type sfc/scannow -> wait a while till that has finished and then reboot -> see if problem solved.

2) Click Start Orb -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features on or off (top left side of screen) -> Uncheck Internet Explorer 8 -> Yes - Yes - reboot -> Click Start Orb -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features on or off (top left side of screen) -> Check Internet Explorer 8 -> Yes - Yes - reboot -> see if that has solved the problem.

3) If the above don't work then boot from your Windows 7 installation disk and select the top option 'Startup Repair' to see if that helps.

4) If none of the above work then think if you really need IE8. If that is the only problem you have with Windows 7 then why not try Mozilla Firefox?

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