Windows 10 How do I add an .EXE project to a solution of DLL's?


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Jan 9, 2010
How do I add an .EXE project to a solution of DLL's?
This is using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional
I have been handed a solution file which contains three projects. But all three projects generate DLL files. It is kind of unique because I have uncovered that they contain XAML files. So there is the opportunity to use the dll's to display WPF style UI as long as I properly create a new project for the solution. And this is what I am asking. What are the steps involved in creating a new project in the solution that is an executable and loads the DLL's and displays the UI'S?

Exes are packed binaries that have methods that can't be referenced in other projects. DLLs are just libraries to be used by other projects. If you have the dll source you could certainly incorporate that code into a separate exe project.