Windows 8 How do I get Rid of the Metro Interface

Bram van Kampen

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Jul 20, 2014
My previous machines where XP and Win7. Win 8 was forced upon me buying my current Rig. It's Metro Interfacelooks like a Giant Mobile Phone!
I installed Classic Start Menu. It however gets flooded over by a giant Metro Screen, (when it decides It needs something), and there is no official way out, apart from closing down the Application via Task manager. Writing a program with no way out was in my days classed as anti social program behaviour. Why does MS elevate this to desired behaviour in Win8? I would like to see this crap interface purged from my machine. If that's not possible, I'll install Win7. What, after all, was wrong with the Interface that served us well from NT via Win95/98 via Win XP,Vista, tru Win7. Metro is frankly a Pile of rotten Horse Shit! It requires re-training of all staff who were previously accomplished for up to Win7.

Download and install "Classic Shell".

Set the preferences to Boot to Desktop, and you will seldom see the Metro Interface again.
I've been running Classic Shell since Windows 7 came out, (I prefer the Windows XP interface with the multiple program windows).

But you can set it to run just like Windows 7 if you want to.

I use Rocket Dock to access all of my commonly used software.

This puts every thing I use on a regular basis one click away.
You probably won't have a quarter of the software that I run. LOL

I put things that I want to have access to when I have software open (like Skype, File Manger, my Search program Agent Ransack, Word, Chrome, Snipping Tool etc.) on the normal task bar.

This is the way my computer looks at login.


I almost never go to the Metro screen for anything.

As I said I've used it for years and I've never had it cause any issues at all.
I install it on every new computer I set up for friends who are seeing Windows 8 for the first time.


Ps. You may also want to run "Modern Mix" an application that adds the windows functions to Widows 8 applications and lets you see more then one open window at a time.
It does cost $5 though, the others are free.
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