Windows XP How do I install mouse/USB drivers without a mouse to click on things?


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Dear Anyone.

Hokay, here's the prob. as simple as I can make it. I've got a fairly modern computer but I have to use XP because my software hates anything else. (It's music software, old but I love it.) Suddenly, the mouse stopped working. So I dug out my Windows 7 hard drive, went online, got told to disconnect all things from the USB slots and uninstall the USBs and Windows would immediately reinstall them.

First question. The mouse uses a USB slot. How the heck can I take everything out of the USB slots as that would include the mouse AND the keyboard, and THEN uninstall the USB slots as I wouldn't have a mouse to click on anything to uninstall it. And the mouse wasn't working anyway.

So I somehow navigated to the right place with keyboard commands, uninstalled the USB slots, restarted Windows and got told Windows couldn't find the right software for my hardware. So no keyboard AND no mouse!

It's a Foxconn Pro motherboard. HP Pavilion computer. I've got a working Windows 7 hard drive, that's what I'm using now. Here's another techie bit I don't understand. To use this hard drive I have to be in AHPI (have I got that right?) mode in BIOS. To use my XP drive I have to be in IDE mode. I don't really understand those TBH, I discovered that because I get BSODs if I'm in the wrong mode!

So how do I get the mouse/USB sockets working on my XP drive again so I can go back to writing music? If I download the drivers onto my Windows 7 drive, can I install them onto the XP drive FROM this Win 7 drive by starting the installation and choosing the other drive to install them onto (I can have them both connected at once I'm fairly certain, by which I mean there's 4 connectors on the motherboard.) Or would one being AHPI (if I've gotten that right) and the other being IDE forestall that? I've tried reinstalling XP on the XP drive but I just get a BSOD from my XP DVD - the XP drive comes originally from a different computer but it was working fine up till a few days back! I've got nearly everything backed up and I'm happy to reinstall XP if anyone thinks it would reinstall mouse/USB drivers - IF I can get past the BSOD problem. I've zero idea why that's happening on XP installation. Please don't tell me to get more up to date music software, it took me long enough learning this lot! I'm pretty sure everything else is working and all the USB sockets work under 7.

Dunno if this is a clue, but the front sockets stopped working under XP awhile back and I thought they'd died, but I was shocked when they worked fine under 7. Is that a clue? I dunno

Yours hopefully

This isn't a reply, it's me again because something odd happened. It told me my question was too much like spam to be submitted and I can't see why. It also says about these poll questions and I had no idea what to put in those boxes, I just put 'yes' and 'no' in so the question got posted. It's a legit question, I hope you realise that when you read it. If I find out the answer for myself I'll come back and tell you.

Chris. (ulrichburke).