How do I remove the border from a JPG file?

I wrote my signature with a Sharpie and scanned it to a JPG file to insert into my emails. But the righthand side and bottom of the JPG file appears when I insert it. See attached screenshot.

I attempted to crop it using both Paint and the Microsoft Office Picture Manager but no luck. I don't think it's a setting on my scanner or all four borders would appear. Any ideas?




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Use the snipping tool to snip the portion of the jpg inside of the border area and save it as a new jpg.

Hmmm. That's exactly what I did and in fact the shading does not appear in the snipping tool screen. But then when I save the image and insert it into an email, there is it. Is this possibly a setting in Windows Live Mail? For what it's worth, the shading also appears when I open the file using Paint.

email signature1.JPG

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