How do you mjake a bootable Windows 7 disk?

HI all. topic is self explanitory. How do you make a bootable Windows 7 disk. I have the ISO files but when I try to make a disk it will not boot. Using UltraISO I was able to burn what I thought was a bootable disk, but on startup the screen just goes black and I';m stuck with a blinking cursor - nothing else happens - no prompt to press any key to boot from DVD. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



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There are three possibilities, in my opinion:

1. Your ISO is corrupt and not bootable. Since the MDMSUM has not been released officially for these unofficial leaks there is no way to know reliably if this is a corrupt or fake ISO. But you could compare a working ISO of the same build to determine if the # of bytes or MDMSUM is the same.

2. (More likely) Your DVDRW may not be able to either write bootable images or read bootable images. It could be a physical problem with the device. Try to burn a different bootable image that should work and see if that solves it.

3. Try a different program besides UltraISO (MagicISO/MagicDisc comes to mind).

I can think of no other causes off hand.

Thanks Mike for the input. I hadn't thought about the possibility of a corrupt ISO or even hardware issue. I'll try your suggestions and post back results. Thank you. :razz:


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