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Windows 10 How do you use standard earphones for microphone/recording? (possible?)


Senior Member
Jul 27, 2016
Uh...hey guys! I was just wondering if we could use the standard built-in microphone for talking on ear-phones/buds that we get with phones...I own a normal Samsung earbud, that came with my phone, and has a speaker in the middle of the cord, with a square button, and two volume buttons. I just wanted to try Cortana out with the new voice recognition system, but I have lost my mic-headphone somewhere 'round my place during the renovation....is there a way to do this? Whenever I try to start the voice wizard with this current pair of earbuds, Windows says that "device not found"........any help?
These are the earbuds I use....standard Samsung ones.
You're more then likely going to need an actual headset with mic to get the functionality with Cortana.