How good is Windows 7


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Yes Texture, I have everything on a single 250 GB hardrivve. At one time I had approximately 130 applications. This was measured by opening Revo uninstaller and simply making a physical count. Of course, this procedure counted some applications that download as a group. (Adobe air, Adobe Reader, Adobe [something else], etc). It also does not include applications that are a part of the OS. This is on a computer with less than excess "horsepower" which may be a certain factor.

Feel free to PM me and I will further discuss details if you wish.

A die hard Mac fan converted by Windows 7? Surely this speaks volumes on Windows 7's quality. I've never heard of somebody going from being a full time MAC user to a Windows user before. Bravo Microsoft, bravo.
hehe - all my posts raving about Win 7 in the Mac forums I frequent (including Apple's too) are gonna get me banned... I won't stop though - this is a great OS. I'm running "Leopard" (newest) on my G5 systems and I thought it couldn't be beat but Microsoft should get a Medal for 7. Recording was "meh..." with Vista but with 7 it's a true joy. I'll always love Macs but I can build a killer desktop system INCLUDING a 22" (maybe 2) HD widescreen monitor for about 1/3 of what a comparable new Mac system would cost, and with Windows 7 I won't have to sacrifice anything. Thanks Microsoft! :cool:

@Strangedogs I think it would be wrong of these mac forums to ban you for spreading the news, but then again I know what these people can be like.
If I might make a suggestion as to your desktop build. I'd use an intel processor (I prefer AMD but Intel makes what I'm about to suggest so much easier) and dual boot Windows 7 and Mac osX.
Just put "osX86" into everyone's favourite search engine. I cant post you links or tell you how as it's legality is questionable, but it's perfectly fine if you're just looking but not... touching.

"Thanks Microsoft" Rare words, lol, rare words indeed. It is true that any desktop you build is going to be cheaper than it's technological equivalent pre-built system, this is especially true for Apple, I wonder if the antitrust will get on their asses about allowing the legal installation of their OS on non-Apple hardware because, and get me if I'm wrong, isn't what Apple are doing with their OS and hardware considered monopoly?

It is a long standing fact that ME is by far the worst OS ever released by MS.
Vista and 7, the most stable on the proper hardware with the proper drivers.

As to the problems experienced by others..... all I can say is,,,,

It's not 7, or Vista, and many many times not XP.

A.) Incompatible Hardware/Software

B.) It's a problem with the hardware/software

C.) Or between the Keyboard and Chair

I have been running 7 for quite a while,,, my wife also uses it, and believe me, if there were any such problems, I would know about it.

Problems related to some/many/ or one person, does not mean it is inherently a problem with that OS.

I can not stand when people want to just throw blame at something that they have absolutely no proof or idea that it absolutely is the problem, but they sure as hell know for a fact that it's not them, or their system, so it must be the OS.

"It doesn't work for me, it must be the OS, (and in some cases) Software/Hardware, so it's crap."
Faulty driver, hardware, software, other something or other, does not constitute an OS related Bug, fault, problem, or anything OS specific related.

If the problem is a driver (most of the time, as long as it is not bad hardware, this is the problem), blame the hardware manufacturer and talk to them.

If it's software, in many cases this is also the case... talk to them. Not the OS.

Seriously? If the problem were an absolute specific stability problem with the OS, then, wouldn't it stand to reason that I (or all of us) would be experiencing the same exact thing?

If it's a problem with the OS,

A.) Should it matter what Hardware it's run on? No.

B.) How bout Drivers? Should those make any difference what so ever? No.

C.) How is it that a large majority of people do not have the problems that others have, if it is in fact a problem with the OS?

I have not once had a freeze, BSOD, had to hard reboot, soft reboot, any reboot, any reloading of anything or fixing of anything that was purely OS related. This also goes for Vista, which yes needed a beefy system to run, but on those systems, it runs flawlessly.

I have had to update drivers, and reinstall software (Bioshock only). But those are not specific OS problems. They are software/driver specific problems.

If someone is running incompatible hardware/software, or there are unseen issues with such, then those can be fixed by replacing it.

You have ZERO proof that this is solely related to the OS.

Please stop calling out bugs and instability , and placing blame where none should exist.


With that said,,, aesthetics are a personal taste, and just cause one person doesn't like them, doesn't mean all will not like them.
I happen to like 7 much better than XP or Vista.


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Tepid. Rather long, but I have to agree with the essence of your post.
Don't forget under "B", you should include downloads, particularly of the OS, but any software, from dubious sources.
I have been lucky enough to have been on the official Beta testing list since Vista reared it's nose. I am also a Beta freak. Any manufacturers who are pushing out Betas, are welcome on my computer.
Yes Vista was a let down until the SP1 was released. Knowledge allowed me to tune out most of the resource hugging problems. My final Vista runs only marginally slower than Windows 7. In some respects, it is faster. But stability has never been one of the faults, through Vista to 7. If I have faults with my Beta "Experiments", then an image goes back on and I start again and reports the bugs. This has been a rare experience, as often the faults with third party betas are glaringly obvious.
I regularly reinstall, or replace my image, on three different computers. One is a superior, but four year old laptop. On the latter model I did have to browse for two hardware items, which are now running 100%.
I am, to the best of my ability, a dedicated helper on forums such as this. I have to say, with sincerity and honesty, that most of other users problems/bugs. that I encounter, I have to try hard to replicate, as they are seldom an experience of mine. I must add, to be fair, that a large number of these problems are from Games players. I do not play any intensive games so cannot comment in that area.
The truth is, I am becoming bored with the repetition of the same complaints on forums. Even today I read, here, that a help seeker is having problems on his (probably unofficial) installation of Windows 7 RTM, but does not have the DVD to repair it. Such posts, and there are so many, I skip over. This particular example is rather straighforward, but it is often a little less obvious that the poster is using a download from a source other than the original.

I am a "no longer young" member. This obviously affects my attitude. I am on the point now of giving the forums a miss, as I feel I become irritated too quickly with the comments made, and the thoughts lodged. But then? What can I find to pass away the more boring moments of my life? Maybe I have to "get a life"!!!
Sorry, I am burbling.
Windows 7, imo, is about the most complete and stable OS I have used. This includes some excursions into Linux distributions. Windows 98 2nd edition was better in some respects,; but then, so was the MG sports I owned dring my youth! We have to keep moving forward with the times and with new ideas.


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Well I never have had 7100 Freeze yet. I had BSODs which I mentioned in an another thread and have fixed. I lost my gadgets which I found to be because of an incompatible Logitech web cam software. However there is something wrong with the "sleep" option. If I click sleep it wont go into sleep. Sometimes it does and then restarts by itself. If I let it go into "sleep" by just leaving it for the time selected in the power feature, it goes to sleep but wont wake up. so I have set the option to Never and just the screen goes off. I am hoping that will be fixed in the final edition.
So I am fairly happy with win 7. I am just glad its a "boys toy" for me and a hobby. I would not like to be an IT administrator and have to decide what to do for a big company with a lot of PCs. Anyone on here in that position?

Cerberus - yeah I was always an Intel kinda guy - my laptop has dual-core INTEL in it too. So I can actually install OS X 'eh? I've heard of it being done but was never sure if it actually worked or not. Since I also have real Macs I didn't experiment with it when I got my laptop a few months ago... Hmmm might be fun to test out though.

@RAK: Kudos
@Drew: Kudos
@Tepid: Kudos Kudos Kudos!:D I especially liked the bit about the problem being between the chair and keyboard. Back in college, they told us that 99% of computer problems are caused by the EU (end user not the European union, lol, although they too are doing their best to f**k the release of Windows 7 over here, Windows 7 E, how bloody ridiculous)

@Strangedogs, OSx Is only supposed to work on intels which is why it's much easier to install it to an intel desktop PC, all MACs have intels in them, it's possible to do it on AMD (I did it my self) but the kernel hack that allowed it made the whole OS far too unstable. Not long ago, my brother bought a Dell inspiron with Windows Vista Home Basic and an Intel Pentium Dual Core, and I converted it into a macbook for him as he's into art and design and all that crap. Works like a dream. One word of advice is find out which drivers are available for the PC version before you buy your components, then you should have a much easier time of it, also, make sure you do a lot of homework. The installation process isn't quite as simple as installing it on a real mac. Also, you have to download a modified image, your current osX disks won't have the drivers you need.


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Hardware, Software, User Patterns, etc.

This statement regarding Windows 95 points out that usage patterns, equipment, and software involved all affect the overall user experience of an OS. Windows 95 was absolutely the most un-stable OS I have ever used - - including Vista by a small margin. If I had broken a law every time I performed an "illegal operation" in Windows 95, I would be in jail for 13 lifetimes. Curiously, I had no significant difficulties with Windows Millennium. I even used it on my home computer, and a laptop, until XP was well into SP2.
You guys, while flaming me, are supporting my statement earlier in this thread. Hardware (Processor, memory, etc.), software (both OS and applications), usage patterns (including user preferences and user expectations), and other factors all affect stability and "user experience". As to Windows 7 in this regard: I do my "shake and bake" in the kitchen, I don't need anything to shake on my computer. I make whatever "gadgets" I need out in my workshop, don't need any on my computer. I am too old to do much "jumping", don't need any jump lists on my computer. I have a one-track mind and don't need "Tabs" and seldom have more than one application open at a time and never more than 3 or 4. I could go on with several more such items, but you get the picture. My computers are about applications; the purpose of an operating system on any of my computers is solely to make the applications work, not be the centerpiece of the computer.

I have expressed here my actual observations and my personal experience with this and other computer systems driven by Windows 7 AND other operating systems. Now, if the management of this forum feels that I don't belong here because my operating system needs and user experiences do not promote Windows 7 as the greatest thing since crunchy peanut butter, just let me know and I will ride off into the sunset. Until that happens, I will feel free to report my user experiences and present them as MY personal experiences My personal experience indicates that, while Windows 7 is a big step past Windows Vista (which was a huge step backward from XP which,in turn, was a huge step backward from Windows 2000), It has taken too much away from Windows XP and not added enough servicability to Windows XP to replace XP as MY primary OS. (I experience MUCH easier file management and somewhat better system stability with XP than with Windows 7!!!!)


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I, for one, am not flaming you John. I don't think that is the direct intention of the other posters, either.
I only scanned the posts briefly, and expressed my own pont of view. That is, I hope, what this thread is all about. You have obviously had alternative experiences to my, rather more pleasant, ones.

I apologize John if I'm one of the one's you think are "flaming" you.. That was not my intention at all.. I just find it odd that you are having so many issues with 7 when so many others aren't.. ;) But that's the way Windows OS's have and always will work.. Great for some and Poorly for others.. Unfortunately..


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quote "People always seem to think people with crappy computers are dumb. I'm not dumb, I'm poor, my computer may be modest but my knowledge is most certainly not." unquote.

I got more money than sense but not a lot of either! You may quote me.
got a good PC tho'


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John, I dont like crunchy peanut butter but please dont ride off into the sunset. All opinions are valid and welcome and up for discussion.

I like windows 7, love the features that are avail, I'd say windows 7 is very good for my liking. It seems so much faster than xp/sp3 specially with my 4 gigs plus 1024+512 two usb readyboost sticks which makes it even much faster machine. I give it a 7-1/2 out of 10.

quote "People always seem to think people with crappy computers are dumb. I'm not dumb, I'm poor, my computer may be modest but my knowledge is most certainly not." unquote.

I got more money than sense but not a lot of either! You may quote me.
got a good PC tho'
Thanks for rubbing my shite PC in my face man :) I appreciate it, real mature mate.


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Thanks for rubbing my shite PC in my face man :) I appreciate it, real mature mate.
Don't feel bad Cerberus. My PC is shite too. It has a 2.2 Ghz single core processor and a 200 Gb hard drive. It runs good with W7 though.

I like W7 a lot. I'm sure that once it matures (service packs) it will become even better.

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