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Please please please, when you're posting a BSOD report:

1. Don't just title it "BSOD... Help!!!" - it gives us ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER.

2. Don't just put in the description
"I got a BSOD, someone HELP ME!!!! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ON MY COMPUTER ARRRGHHH!!!! Dump files and stuff from are attached!!! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!"
try put something more helpful (time, what you were doing during the crash, when did the first crash occur etc etc) like this
"Hi guys, just got a BSOD about a week ago and I'm not entirely sure what made it happen. I was just going through my email on google chrome and streaming a video on YouTube, when the crash happened. I'm not sure what the message displayed, but it said something about IRQL not less or equal or something. I've also attached all the files from the BSOD tool, hope you guys can get back!"

It doesn't matterif we say or don't say so, update your drivers. ALSO go to Control Panel, and look at the list of items you have installed. Look at the date it was installed on - if it was installed into your computer more than a year ago, check the internet for any updates (make sure to download ONLY from legitimate sites).


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4. Recreate the problem
Try to replicate the problem a few times, and find out what you do each time that triggers the crash. Then tell us, so it's easier for us to confirm your idea.

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