How monitor and document data traffic?


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Jun 29, 2009
My ISP promises speeds of 10 to100 Mb/s which to me is comparable to my local grocer promising 1 fl oz to 1 quart when I buy a quart carton of milk. I'll find out when I get home and the deal is done.

Yeah, right - the grocer would never get away with that, but ISP's do. There is reliable, even state certified, software that measures the actual speed of your connection - at the moment of measurement.

But I haven't found any such software that measures the quantity of generated traffic, upstream as well as downstream, over time, which is another parameter by which you are expected to choose subscription plan and thus cost.

There's 1GB/month plans, 5GB's/month ones etc, but no way that I know of to measure the amount of data actually transferred. So I have to take my ISP's word on wether I have exceeded or stayed within the limit paid for.

Again, every house owner or aparment dweller has their own electricity meter, reporting on momentary use as well as use over time but, again, there's no such thing for data traffic generated over time. Or is there?

Hey computergeek, you got a link you can post...would be nice. Took care of that for you.

There is a program called Bitmeter OS that will track your upload/download data useage and you can check it via local host webpage
Thanks ComputerGeek. I got a tip last week to check out IPERF and I'm sure it's a great piece of software...if you're the sysadmin for a big company because it was $1900 and, ahem, out of my price range.

I just now followed your link and it seems that Bitmeter is open-source donate-if-useful software and thank goodness for that. We have ImgBurn, CrapCleaner, Speccy, Defraggler, goes on and on.

To my mind the software produced by these people is invariably competent, does what it's supposed to do quickly and efficiently and is easy on computer resources as opposed to the bloatware of MS, Adobe etc that takes forever to install, tells you your PC is barely powerful enough to run it and - this is a good test of good or bad programming - leavest tons of leftovers for, for example, Revo Uninstaller to remove.

They don't bother to clean up after themselves, eh? Well, nuts to them. And thanks to you, fellow geek!

sorry about not including the link, I was doing about 5 things at one time while reading the post, thanks for the link bassfisher6522 and hopefully this will work its magic for you Commander_Cool :)