how to change the time before WMP12's timeline bar disappear?

It take's quite a long time before WMP12's timeline bar disappear when the mouse hovers off it

If it could instantly disappear(no need to disable the fade out effect) when my mouse hovers off it, it shall be really wonderful.

For now, it takes so much time and even a little annoying to disturb the subtitle's displaying.

I guess maybe there is a value inside regedit, when we change the default value to a fairly low one, my wish could come true.

Many thanks in advance!!


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I found an AutoHideTimer entry under Explorer. You might check and see if the auto hide function time of the taskbar is the same as the one with WMP. They might both use the same timer.

It's easy to find a tutorial on changing the delay time of taskbar preview like this one:
How to Adjust Taskbar Thumbnail Delay Time in Windows 7 - Tweaking with Vishal

while it's a little hard to find the answer to my question.

In fact, when your mouse pointer moves out of the video display region, the seek bar(or navigation bar? forgive my poor English) disappears in one second or two, which is kind of reasonable.

But when your mouse pointer is inside of it or you're viewing in full screen mode, it takes maybe 10 seconds to disappear.
Also the trigger region for showing the seek bar is not only where the seek bar resides, but the entire video display region, which is kind of annoying.

Why WMP12 does have a seek bar trigger mode smart enough just like what MPC's seek bar does, and why MPC just never have all the fancy looking of WMP12? orz

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