Windows 7 How to click and drag to move programs on the task bar?

I have my taskbar set up to use small buttons and Never Combine task bar buttons. I can drag separate programs to move them around on the task bar, but the problem comes when I'm running multiple of one program or multiple folders or that such. Visually, on the task bar they are joined end to end, where other programs have just a bit of space between them. When I try and drag these to move them around they move the entire block. I don't see any way to rearrange these blocks or move individual windows of that program.

If it helps at all, I'm specifically talking about World of Warcraft windows. They changed something in the patch so they behave like this now. Prior to yesterday they were completely separate programs and I could drag each individually to a position on the taskbar. But now they appear as a solid block on the task bar and I can't rearrange them. I can move all three WoW windows together, but I can't just move the left most one to the right side or vice versa.

Here's a picture of my task bar with what I hope are helpful labels to describe what I'm talking about. What I want is for the two WoW windows on the right there to be separate programs and able to move around independently instead of being joined as a single block like that.

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In case anyone else had this or similar problems, a guy over at pointed me to a taskbar tweaker at 7 Taskbar Tweaker - RaMMicHaeL's home page that was able to disable the "feature" of task bar grouping so that I was able to actually move my windows around.

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