How to convert M4P to mp3?

I also recently took apart my collection of old tracks from my iPod. I am using an AIMP player which has encoding tools. So I easily changed the format from mp3 to mp3 and created a music logo. This process takes a matter of minutes.
There is lots of free tools online that help you to convert MP4 to MP3 by uploading. Also, you can convert URL video to MP3 format.
So I've found my old iTunes login from way back in early 2000's (that's old in computer time lol) when iTunes first came out. And I've got a ton of songs I purchased from it. Well I've stopped using it a long time ago. But I'd like to convert those songs to mp3 and keep them since I purchased them.

I've been researching how to convert them but I've come across most pay for software, which I'm find with. But it's expensive for a one time weekend project that I'll never use again. And some of the sites look dated and not sure if I want to hand over my financial information know what I mean?

Does anyone know here of a free way to convert AAC files to mp3? Any tips and suggestions would be great thanks!

I just use FFmpeg. It's a command-line utility but I'm sure you could find GUI interfaces for it on GitHub.

You can also use VLC to convert media files.
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