How to convert "Single Language" Win 8 version into "Multi-Language"?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Installation' started by pstein, May 29, 2014.

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    On a notebook which was recently bought in Russia a russian Win 8 was pre-installed.
    Unfortunately it was a only a "Single Language" version rather than the "normal" Mutli-language version.

    Since I want to help occasionally the notebook owner and my russian is only poor I need to switch temporarily
    to english GUI. Obviously this is NOT possible with the Single Language version.

    Is there a way to convert such "Single Language" Win 8 installation into a "Multi-Language" version?

    I have read that upgrading it to a full "Pro" version would do the trick.
    What would an upgrade cost and how do I perform such an upgrade?

    Simply entering (where exactly ?) the new key?

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    Looks like about $99.99 bucks here

    As far as installing. I suspect it's as easy as simply evoking the search charm from the charms bar (windows logo key + C )
    Typing in "Add Features" selecting what will likely be the top most option "Add features to Windows 8.x", selecting "I already have a product key" and typing it in and hitting the next button.

    You may want to consider reading this as well.
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