Windows 7 How to create a 'smart view' with symbolic links


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I haven't done any programming for a long time, and virtually haven't done any Windows scripting since the days of MS-DOS.

For my digital audio needs I am planning to separate my music collection into 3 folder trees:
- lossless albums
- lossy albums inclusive
- lossy albums exclusive.

The lossless (FLAC) albums and the lossy (MP3) inclusive albums will be combined into a single library for every kind of jukebox software I use, ie. currently Winamp and Squeezebox. These two collections are disjunctive, they do not overlap. The combined view won't have duplicates.

The exclusive lossy albums are albums of which I have a FLAC version as well. This means "lossless + inclusive = all albums I have", "inclusive + exclusive = all lossy albums I have" and "lossless + exclusive = identical set".

In particular for this to work, I need a way to combine the inclusive and exclusive trees so I can at least copy albums from it to mobile players or other uses that require small file size.

In linux, I would simply create a 'virtual' tree consisting just of symbolic links to all the directories in all of the two trees. I would write a shell script that would create, update and delete these symbolic links. I'm not sure however if this would allow me to copy the actual directories (and not just the symlinks).

I'm looking to achieve the same thing in Windows. What kind of scripting would you use for this? What is easiest to achieve? I know that it is possible to create a kind of symbolic links.

I tried to use Cygwin some time ago for something unrelated, but either I was doing it all wrong, or it didn't work at all - especially ran into problems with files that had spaces and trying to escape these spaces. All that fun.

Can you point me in the right direction?

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