How to delay Reconnect time to internet in windows 7

I want to delay my reconnect time to internet in windows 7 sp1. What is happening it is that my ISP is restarting my modem every day for i think 0.1 seconds and is giving me new IP every day. Now i dont want my computer to reconnect to internet that fast. Is there any way to configure something in windows 7 sp1 so my reconnect to internet takes some extra time for instance like 2-3 seconds and not 0.1 seconds that it takes when my ISP is restarting my modem.

Am using ADSL internet.


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Why not call your ISP and have them replace the defective DSL modem?
Or simply change your network adapter settings and give your computer a Static IP?

You could also install a wifi router where you have more control over the TTL (Time To Live). This also provides you with an inexpensive Hardware Firewall. A highly desirable device if you have Broadband always-on connection to Internet an you leave your computer connected to the Internet 24x7x365.

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Its not a defective modem, thats how my ISP works, it sucks and is giving me trouble.
And changing to static IP in windows wont help either because its my ISP server thats restarting my modem, and giving me new IP every day.
I was thinking there could be something in windows 7 software that can delay my connection to internet.
Or perhaps some kind of router that i can connect to my main modem that is configurable, so i can configure delay in reconnection time.


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Ok, and how do you know this? Have you been in contact with your ISP and they told you this? If you have been in Contact with your ISP, did they conduct an "end-to-end" test of your ADSL modem from their facilities?

Who is your ISP and what City/State or Country are they(you) in?

There is NO ISP I've ever heard of that does this, when their equipment is operating normally, so sorry I am having difficulty believing your story. No offense.

Please provide answers to my questions above and we can suggest some things from there.

In the meantime, are they the ONLY ISP available to you in your area? If not, and you have a choice of 1 or more ISPs, I strongly suggest you change ISPs!! If they are telling you that your ADSL modem passed their "end-to-end" test, and yet they say they are rebooting their server you connect to every day; that's Hogwash!! Now, if you just spoke with a Customer Service rep or agent, and not an actual Tech, they may be just giving you the runaround. Since you didn't really provide us with all the details, I'm having to guess how and where you got this inaccurate information. I have been involved with designing and building ISPs, and what you are telling me does not make sense!

Have you tried to change the IP on your PC to a Static? Because if you cannot do this, then your ADSL modem is faulty, or they have locked you out from doing this. The normal workaround, as I stated in my previous post, is to purchase a small wifi router, where you can assign a Static IP on the LAN it creates in your home or apartment. You can give YOUR PC on that router a permanent IP; you may have to refresh this daily if your ISP is indeed rebooting your local connection server, but that should allow you to get connected for 24 hrs. or so. Obviously, that's a pain and a band-aid and not a fix, but if you live in a rural area and this ISP you have is the only choice, you'll have to follow my method and have them investigate further and you will be stuck using a band-aid since you have no other ISP choices.

Post back your answers, to help clarify your situation and we'll go from there.


I dont live in USA, am living in the Eastern european countrie, I have contacted my ISP and they told me they restart my modem every day and give me new IP. They do have these crappy service in Eastern european countries dont ask me why. I cannot change my ISP just like that. Btw they give static ips aswell but you have to pay alot of extra money. Am trying now to get a quick solution, but if its not possieable then il try change my ISP which will cost me money. But thats in the long run.


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Ok, Wow! Sorry to hear that. Well, you get what you pay for I'm afraid.:( When you contacted your ISP, did you ask them to perform the "end-to-end" test I suggested? Did they tell you that all they restart their modem every day for ALL their Customers, or just you? This could be due to poor-quality or aging copper wiring in the home or building you live in.

So, you're choice for improved service costs you extra money; exactly how much are we talking? If it's $30 a month more, that's $360 per year; it seems that my Router solution of $50-$70 US is certainly less than that. This could make dealing with a poor-quality ISP much easier.

Since you didn't ask your ISP to do the "end-to-end" test, you don't know about your wiring issue. If you change ISPs to another provider who also uses ADSL Modem, they will still be using your phone lines and if you have home internal wiring issues, that will still NOT fix your problem even if you pay them another $1,000 per year! You will need to ask the other ISPs if any of them are Cable Modem Broadband. If so, they will have a separate feed from the phone lines into your home or building via Coax cable, and you don't need to rely on ancient or degraded copper wiring in your home. Being in Europe, it's quite possible your home or building could be hundreds of years old, and who knows how many years ago the phone lines were installed there. Another alternative I could suggest would be to go to Satellite Dish Internet. In the US, we call this Dish Network. It provides Broadband network speed, but uses Satellite signal and Coax cable wired directly into your home or building to get you Internet--no reliance on internal existing telephone wiring as with ADSL/DSL. This is used frequently in rural areas in the US and Canada where there are no phone lines in the home or other ISPs (DSL or Cable) within 50-200 miles or more. Here, that costs about $75-$85 a month or so, and usually includes Basic Cable TV. I had this setup about 8 years ago and it worked pretty good for me.

You can check the ISPs in your Country and see how much they charge for Satellite Dish Broadband and if it's available in your location. It may be less than what your Cable Broadband ISP may charge you. Cable Broadband in the US is the most expensive Internet and considered premium by both price and download/upload speed.

You have several options available to you, but most involve spending more money to get a better quality of service. What's that worth to you?? I suggest you evaluate this carefully, and review my choices. Many people are not aware of the problems that are created by poor or aging in-home wiring that affect DSL's service quality (QoS).

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