How to disable auto sorting of folders and files


I installed Powerdesk 6, but unfortunately it was a bit disasterous! It won't display thumbnails at all - just a "Powerdesk" icon, and everything is auto sorted in any event. It also crashes almost instantly.
Unfortunately, it took control of most other aspects of the computer too - such as removing programmes, even in safe mode!
I decided it had to go since my computer would no longer function or do anything with it installed, so I removed it by using system restore to take me back to an earlier configuration. I suspect it it not compatible with Windows 7 64bit unfortunately.

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As an experiment, I have downloaded this: Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable - Windows 7 Forums

It does seem to work on my photos (all on an external hard disc drive). I haven't had any problems far!! :D

I wish Microsoft would listen to its customers and allow the disabling of auto sorting. It would be so much easier.




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Hello David,

Sorry, I should have stated to uncheck all boxes on installation of PowerDesk

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