how to increase overall font size

I am using 21.5 inch lcd with 1920 X 1080 resolution. While the clarity is good, I'd like to increase the overall font size by one point. How can I do that please ?


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Increase Font Size

You may not increase the font size of everything by "1pt", but you can increase the font sizes of Windows in percents.

To accomplish this, go to Start -> Search -> Display

For custom scaling, see the left hand corner of the screen, last option. "Custom DPI Scaling".

If you want to increase only browser windows, in IE or Firefox, use Ctrl + and Ctrl - keys to magnify the size of the screen.

If you want to temporarily increase the size of parts of the screen, launch the screen magnifier using Windows Key + and Windows Key -

With some fine tuning, you can get the look you are looking for. It is always recommended for the life and performance of your monitor to keep it in its native resolution. But if you really cannot stand it you can always change that as well.

I love the native resolution - ie. 1080p. Just the font seemed a bit small though,

Increasing the Size of On-screen Fonts

To increase the size of on-screen fonts, do the following:

  1. Click the Start button, type font, and click on Make text and other screen items larger or smaller
  2. When the Display screen comes up, choose a new font size (Medium or Large), and click Apply
  3. You will need to log off to make changes. When prompted, click Log off now
  4. Log back in and the fonts will now be larger and easier to read

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