Windows 7 How to install Mac theme on windows 7, only on one user?!

Hi this is my first post here,

I recently installed Mac theme (Lion Skin Pack 13) I really liked it but there are other users that didn't like on the same PC, because when I install it it's being installed on all the other users, so how can I install it on only on one user?

Hello Bahaa Horani,
to Windows 7 Forums,

During the setup/installation, there should have been an option to install for "Me only"/"This User Only" or something to that effect.
If you missed that option (which is usually located in the bottom left corner of the installation window) it would have used the default, which is, "Install for all users".
To correct it or remove from the other users, uninstall the app and reinstall using the "for me only" or whatever it says pertaining to you only.

Hope this helps


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