How to Install Windows 10


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Hi! If anyone need a proper guide on how to install Windows 10 properly, please check out a fellow swedes guide on: The 1 and ONLY GUIDE for installing Windows 10
I have my self guides several swedes to his Swedish guides and mostly heard good responses, since thay are both professional and guides on stuff like: How to make a bootable USB-stick, What to do BEFORE you install, How to install properly, How to set proper privacy settings, how to clean the harddrive after installation etc.

They are the best guides I have ever seen! Check them out!


Hello there!
If you want to learn How To Download and Clean Install Windows 10 in 2017, see this detailed Step by Step video guide.
You can see How to Download Windows 10 full version from official site and then, clean install it on your computer :)

I hope the video will help.