How to make windows 8.1 remembers a forgotten ip.

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  1. willingsas

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    Jun 21, 2015
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    Hello! this is my first post on the Windows forums, so yeah.
    This tutorial will help you if you want windows to remember a forgotten ip, hence its title!

    So if youre not familiar with windows 8.1 new menus and systems, you'll probably have tried every new clickable thing that pops out in your menu. So what if in one of these, you make windows stop remembering your ip.

    Well, now that you cant enter your ip, you think you can go to net configuration and make windows remember your ip, no? Well, its much harder than that, but dont exasperate! You can easily make windows remembers a forgotten ip.

    To do this all your gonna do is right click your wi-fi bar (the little 5 bars that determines how much wi-fi you have)
    So then some new options pop up: Fix problems, and Open Center Network and Sharing.

    Click "Open Center Network and Sharing" and then 2 options come in.

    Click "Configurate a new connection or web" and then "Manually connect to a wireless network"
    Then enter your ip's number and ip password. If you dont know your type of security, try all of them until you get it correct.

    And there you have it! this tutorial might be useless, but if you accidentaly click on it, you know what to do now.

    Happy web-browsing!

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  2. ussnorway

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    May 22, 2012
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    Huh... are you talking about having a static ip address mate?

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