How to map an *.iso file on my hard disc to a drive letter M: ?


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I have an *.iso file on my hard disc.

What is the easiest was to map this Ü.iso file to a (free) driver letter (e.g. M:) ?

I don't want to burn it on a DVD and access it in my DVD drive

Is there a Win7 built-in way?


Joe S

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What exactly are you trying to do? You are not very clear.


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Do you want a Virtual Drive machine for disks? Try DVDFab.


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Not sure if this is what you want.
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

This is freeware and has a feature to automount the last mounted .iso when Windows starts.

Install it and click the resulting desktop shortcut to set up the options.

See screenshot below.

set # drives to 1 and check both "virtual sheep" and "Autmount last image".

This will create a virtual drive in explorer and assign a drive letter.
It will appear in my computer as another drive letter everytime you boot Windows.

Then right click your iso and choose "mount (virtual clone drive).

Your .iso will be mounted and the files can be accessed by clicking the virtual clone drive drive in explorer or my computer.
Create a desktop shortcut by right clicking the drive in My computer and selecting "create shortcut".
Clicking the shortcut will allow access to the files just like any other drive.

The .iso will be automatically mounted everytime Windows starts.

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