how to remove windows 7?

A friend installed W7 RC on my son's computer and it is now suddenly shutting down. I read some posts online that point to Windows 7 being sensitive to Video card heat so whenever he watches a movie on his computer his video card heats up and windows shuts down.
He never had that problem with XP so I am trying to reformat the HD to install XP again.
I put the XP cd in the drive, reboot from cd, it starts the install process by copying files, etc then when it gets to the point where I should select the drive to install XP I select C but then C is shown as being only 100MB. That drive is actually 300GB.
It won't allow me to install XP as it needs at least 1GB of space.
I am afraid of deleting that drive and causing the installation to format the second drive which has the backup of all the stuff I copied from C.
This Windows 7 biz is way too messed up.
Please help me get rid of it.

Thank you,


The 100MB partition that you see is likely the one that W7 sets up for recovery purposes. Use some partition software like EASEUS or similar and it will let you format the drive completely. It won't be able to do it while in Windows as obviously C is in use but it will perform the task upon reboot. Then once you have a newly formatted drive then restart XP installation and all should be well.

Good luck!

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