How to restore an automatic album in Photos?

I inadvertently deleted the On This Day automatically-generated album from Photos, and now I'm not getting a new one each day. How can I restore this?


Windows Forum Team
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There's no way to restore an album. You can create an album and re-add photos to it

So will it create a new On This Day album tomorrow?


Windows Forum Team
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I would assume so. I don't use the application.

This is on my PC. When I open the Photos app, there is a row of automatically-generated albums at the top. They are given titles such as Weekend in xxx, Days in xxx, Happy Days, etc. There is one every day titled On this day, and it displays all photos taken on the same date, arranged by year. Sometimes it will display the previous day's album until I close the app and reopen it. Yesterday I deleted the March 12 album, expecting to see a new album for March 13. But it did not create a new March 13 album, nor did it create one for today March 14. I would like to restore this feature.

I looked at EaseUS, but I don't think it applies to this situation. I haven't lost any photos or data. How can something be recovered if it doesn't yet exist? The Windows Photos app was creating an album from my existing photos each day. That feature is what I want to restore.

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