Windows 8 How to return from tiles section to tiles overview?


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Sorry for this newbie question:

Assume Is started a new Win8 system.
Then at first the tile/frames overview appear.

When I click now on one of the tiles/frames (e.g. fin, news,...)
then I jump to the corresponding section. Fine.

But how do I return to the tiles/frames overview?

I tried ESC key but this didn't help

I found no "RETURN to overview" link/button neither.

Whats the magic key press?

Thank you


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Hi Peter,

you have a number of ways to return to the menu screen.

Regardless of which app you have open, if you place the mouse cursor in the bottom left corner you'll see a box appear. This is the Metro menu:


Another way is to place the cursor top left and pull down slightly and you'll see this bar appear showing whats open. You can also right click these boxes and close them:


Lastly, another way to actually close apps and go back to the Start screen is to place the cursor top of the screen until you see it turn into a hand. Press your left click button and keep it held down, now pull the cursor downwards and this will close the app and also return you to the start screen.
I hope this has helped somewhat. Do checkout our Tutorial section: Windows 8 Tutorials and Training