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    Judging by the number of requests in this forum (mine included), it's not as straight forward as uSoft would have us believe to set up a local network in Windows 7. This is my solution to my problem which prevented me from accessing a newly purchased Laptop - unbeknown to me, the security settings for the partitions that I had set up were set to include 'Authenticated User' & no matter what settings I had created for the network, I could not access the Laptop from the Desktop; 'Everybody' is required to share a partition.

    1. Make sure that settings in KIS 2010 are set to 'Trusted' in Settings/Firewall/Settings/Network Tab
    2. Make sure that the Security setting for shared partitions is set to include 'Everybody, if it's not included, then right click on the partition, select Properties/Security/Edit Tab/Add/type Everybody in the 'Object names to select, then Click 'Check Names', then press OK
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    3. Right click on the partition to be shared, select Properties/Sharing/Advanced Tab/ Tick - Share this folder & Type in a Share Name, Select Permissions and set up the necessary levels for Everybody.
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    4. Check that shared symbol appears next to the folders & files required for sharing.
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